6 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Estate Sales

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Estate sales are the perfect place to find unique treasures. If you’re interested in jewelry, furniture, kitchenware or more an estate sale could be a great place to shop. Sometimes you might even be lucky enough to find a great deal on something antique, name brand or highly-sought after. If you’re hoping to make the most out your estate sale experience, make sure to read these 6 tips:


1) It’s All About the Timing

    When you’re plotting out your shopping plan don’t forget to consider the timing. If an estate sale runs all weekend you have a few different opportunities. If you show up early the first day, you’ll have the best pick of items. If you show up near the end, there will be less to choose from but a better chance of a deal.

2) Be Ready to Move

    Estate sales are a great stop and shop, but they don’t generally come with delivery or a moving crew. Make sure to bring a vehicle that has plenty of room and if you’re planning to shop for any large pieces, it doesn’t hurt to bring a friend!

3) Try It Before You Buy It

    If you find any electronics that you’d love to buy, make sure to test them out. Trying out electronics is a must because it’s impossible to know what condition they’re in otherwise. Most likely, whoever is running the sale will be able to help you find an outlet where you can test the device.

4) Find the Fit

    You can find amazing pieces of furniture at estate sales, especially if you’re interested in antiques. But you have to be careful to not get carried away! If you’re on the prowl for a new addition to your living room make sure to bring a tape measure and an idea what size piece you’re looking for. There’s nothing worse than bringing home a sofa you love only to find out it’s a foot too long!

5) Do Your Research

    Oftentimes, a quick search of the web can give you more information about a specific item’s history and value. If you find a piece you love, look it up. Searching for the brand with a brief description might allow you to offer a lower price or assure you that you’re getting a good deal.

6) Ask Questions

    If you’re visiting an estate sale that’s hosted within a home, feel free to inquire about lighting, window treatments and hardware, even if there’s no price listed. The same goes for kitchen appliances and potted plants. All of these items may be up for sale so it never hurts to ask.


With these six tips, you’ll be able to master an estate sale but if you’re not in the mood to shop in person you can always visit our online estate sales at RVestatesales.com