Vintage 1920’s Original Baccarat Corded “Caron” Nuit de Noel Perfume Bottle Paris France


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Item SK1861 – For sale is a unique Art Deco style “Caron” Nuit de Noel Baccarat parfum bottle 1 oz. made of jet black glass and tasseled box from Paris France. Elegantly designed to decorative, as well as functional, the packaging for this perfume is truly eye catching. The bottle is in very good condition and still fits snugly into its package. The colorful paper on the outside of the storage container is peeling up slightly on a couple of the edges as shown in the photos. Overall, the item is in very good vintage condition and would make an excellent addition to any vintage bottle collection.

Dimensions and weight are approximate

Dimensions Box: 3 3/8″ H x 2 1/8″ W x 8 1/2″ L with Tassel
Dimensions Bottle: 3″ H x 2″ W
Weight: 8 oz.

A little history…

Frequent Questions: How to Date Caron Nuit de Noel bottles
Nuit de Noël by Caron is definitely among the legends that made the name of Caron. Conceived and launched in 1922 by Ernest Daltroff, the founder of the French house and a self-taught perfumer, it includes to great aplomb that famous base (a ready made mix of ingredients that produce a specific effect) Mousse de Saxe, composed by Marie Thérèse de Laire, flanked by amber, moss, vetiver, rose, sandalwood and jasmine.[If you don’t know how it smellsor its story, I suggesting first reading this Nuit de Noel review. ]
Getting a vintage bottle of this precious fragrance is akin to savouring a well-aged liqueur, full of nuance and dark corners. Trying to date bottles is a bit less of a nonchalant exercise, but here’s a small guide with photos to help you through.

The original extrait de parfum of Nuit de Noël came in opaque black bottle designed by Felicie Vanpouille /Francoise Bergaud with a faceted boule cap and a box shaped like a purse in green shagreen (i.e. rawhide with a rough, granular surface, made from the skin of a shark or seal). The little golden “band” around the shoulders is meant to echo the headbands of the flappers to which it was addressed originally. There is also a green tassel hanging from the cap of the box (not depicted), further reminding of a cute clutch. There was also an outer white cardboard box, to protect the green shagreen. The interior of cardboard cap reads CARON 10 rue de la Paix Paris FRANCE.
The presentation persisted well into the 1940s and 1950s, making it hard to discern specific vintages. Obviously older specimens bear more worn “bands” and shagreen boxes, even if totally sealed (a highly unlikely proposition anyway).

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Additional information

Weight .6 lbs
Dimensions 3.375 × 2.1255 × 8.5 in


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