What You Gain When You Buy Used

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Estate sales are a prime place to find products of all kinds. Whether it’s for your kitchen, closet, bedroom, or living room, you can probably find things you never even knew you needed. Many people may ask, “Why wouldn’t you buy new?” and, yes, there are many benefits to buying things fresh off the production belt, there are also quite a few to buying used.

Save Money

This may be the most obvious benefit to buying something that’s been used. Because an item is not brand new, you are given a discount. This can be because an item may have lost their ability to function, like a classic record player that has now lost its’ ability to produce sound, but still is a fun piece to look at. It’s possible that the item could be chipped due to being dropped over the years, or faded in color over time. Or, the item could look brand new, but just lost value because of how old it is. Due to this, you can pick up an item for a fraction of the cost it was originally. This helps take the strain off your wallet that you would have if you bought new.

Great For the Environment

When you buy used, you find a way to repurpose materials, making less need to produce new ones. Because you bought a chair from an estate sale, now it won’t take up space in a landfill. You can clean it up, repaint it, reupholster the seat with new fabric, or even just keep it as it is, and make it a reused statement piece in your home. You could also buy shirts and pants to be repatched, or remade to fit your style. When clothing is sent to a landfill, it can decompose through anaerobic digestion, which can result in dangerous greenhouse gases being emitted as it breaks up the organic materials. So, by reselling clothing, greenhouse gases are reduced, which helps the Earth!

A Piece of History

Now, you may not necessarily be buying a monumental piece of history. Hankies that were used by previous presidents aren’t just lying around at every estate sale or antique shop. However, you can buy a piece that has become a small piece of history. Perhaps, it’s a dress that was handcrafted in the 1800s, or a ring that was passed down through a family for generations. There’s something special about keeping on a tradition through time, or even turning that piece into something new. River Valley can help connect you with these kinds of treasures, so that you can gain new and exciting pieces to display in your home.

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